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Money Shuffle

Make more money, and get more business with
Hank Moorehouse’s MONEY SHUFFLE
A jumbo card is shown (The Company), upon which are 3 dollar signs, laid out in the pattern of an Ace of Money. When thrown together with three blank cards (The Competition) the Ace of Money card begins to exhibit some very bizarre tendencies For starters, when placed in the middle of the packet, it always jumps to the top! Then, when a blank card is clearly placed on the table, the Ace of Money card changes places with it under impossible conditions! The experiment is repeated under even greater scrutiny, and still the cards transpose! Finally, the three blank cards change into three Ace of Money cards, and the Ace of Money card becomes blank stunning the competition!
MONEY SHUFFLE - THE TRADE SHOW TRICK - A Camirand Academy fine professional product comes complete with four specially-made jumbo cards printed on credit card stock to last a lifetime and fully illustrated instruction booklet written by David Acer with 23 photographs. Includes Hank Moorehouse’s all-purpose corporate presentation.




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