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Now Look Here!

Mac King says: The best low tech, funny, marvellous item I saw this summer was Chad Long’s “NOW LOOK HERE!”
We agree with him - send now and so will you!
A selected card is lost in the deck. The spectator can shuffle the deck. You now attempt to find it by turning over the top card. The top card is flipped over and there is a message that reads, "LOOK IN MY POCKET". This card is tabled. The performer turns to reveal a card sticking out of a pocket. He takes the card out of his pocket and it says, “LOOK IN MY HAND”, a card is seen in the magician’s hand, when turned over it says "LOOK ON THE TABLE". When the card on the table is examined, it is the selection.
The "Bonus Professional Routine" adds another handling. Rather than the selected card being discovered on the table, the card reads "LOOK IN MY HAND". The card in the magician's hand is turned face up and it has changed to the selection! The spectator's head appears to be watching a tennis game!




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