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Sleightly Entertaining

by Peter Scarlett
Twenty practical effects with cards, silks, coins, balls, keys, wallets, bottles, etc. A professionally printed booklet full of ideas as presented by Peter in his lecture tours of U.K., Australia and U.S.A.
Now with many added photographs and the much requested Double Lift handling

"I recommend Peter Scarlett's Lecture notes, that is if you want to perform a truly magical looking piece of magic. As I remember it, a silk leaped from several feet away to a location between 2 silks held by Peter Scarlett, the held silks separated and the silk flying through the air took its position between the held silks. Now that is what real magic is about.

Check out his Zombie Routine in his notes as well, combining a floating ball effect and then transitions into the a Zombie routine. Great thinking and again, what real magic is all about.

What is also nice is that you can perform these miracles in a parlour room or banquet show. No need for large stage setting. When I saw Peter's lecture he was in the middle of a gym floor, with only a card table to work off of and a mic to speak through.

The 7 Keys to Baldplate routine is a real winner as well. All in the same set of notes Sleightly Entertaining", what a bargain.

Made my eyes pop and really pay attention to his lecture. Best investment in lecture notes in my life."   Bill Hegbli (Fort Wayne USA)




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